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อะตอม Wasp Nano RDA

อะตอม Wasp Nano RDA
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อะตอม Wasp Nano RDA

อะตอม Wasp Nano RDA

อะตอมบุหรี่ไฟฟ้าหยดสูบจากค่าย Oumier รุ่น Wasp Nano นับว่าเป็นอะตอมอีกรุ่นที่น่าสนใจไม่น้อยเลย ตัวอะตอมออกแบบมาในขนาด 22มม. ถึงจะตัวเล็กแต่เป็นอะตอมที่ให้กลิ่นและควันดีมากๆ ตัวนี้จะเป็นแบบคอยล์เดี่ยว โดยรูลมจะเป็นแบบลมข้างปะทะคอยล์โดยตรงทั้ง 2 ด้าน วัสดุจะเป็นแบบ UltemและPEI ทนความร้อนสูง ตัวอะตอมรองรับขั้วแบบ BF ตัวนี้นับว่าน่าสนใจ

Oumier has created one of the most compact and powerful single build RDAs out there that simplifies the coil building process for those who are looking into buying an easy to use RDA. Featuring a conically designed top cap built for maximum flavor, this ULTEM top cap stays cool with every hit you take. No more hot lips!

The deck is built for a single coil only, making this a go-to for simple builds of 3mm or less. With a smaller deck, your builds may need to be smaller than normal, but the Wasp Nano makes up for this with it's amazing flavor. The adjustable 510 connection pin is removable and comes with a replaceable squonk pin for those who like the ease of a bottom feeding RDA. It also contains a pretty deep juice well for it's size (roughly 5mm) for less dripping throughout the day.

Everything about this RDA is solid and desirable. From the adjustable airflow to its compact size, the Wasp Nano is a great addition to any collection, beginner or advanced. Although compact in design, this RDA produces decent sized clouds and does not skimp on flavor in any way. Don’t let this diminutive device fool you.

Note: The colors for the resin option vary greatly, there is no way to tell which color you get until you open the box.


22mm diameter
Big deck for easy building
Unique adjustable airflow system
Bottom filling design with exchangeable squonk bottom pin
ULTEM heat resistant top cap
Compact design
22mm stainless steel design
Deep juice well


What’s Inside:
1x Wasp Nano RDA
1x Spare kit
1x Organic Cotton
1x Flathead screwdriver
510 Bottom Feed Squonk connection


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